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Top 20 traineeships

The most popular traineeships in NSW.

Most traineeships take around 1-2 years to complete. You learn on the job and in the classroom, and get paid for the work you do. In NSW, traineeship training is fee free - meaning no upfront debt.

So, which traineeship should you do? Start your search with the 20 most popular qualifications in NSW, with links to training providers in your local area.

Do you want to teach pre-school children? Learn the theory and practice on this course.

You'll develop a solid understanding of the Early Years Learning Framework. Using this knowledge, you'll learn how to create activities that foster children's holistic development.

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Set yourself on the road to a driving career transporting people or goods safely.

Here, you’ll learn practical skills to drive a bus or freight vehicle. This course also covers how to safely shift materials, manage fatigue, and communicate between vehicles.

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Are you keen to advance your career in early education? This diploma will get you started.

You'll learn how to plan and teach activities for pre-school-aged children. You'll get to know the Early Years Learning Framework. You may also develop skills to manage staff.

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Want a career in warehouse operations? This course teaches a broad range of skills.

You’ll learn to move, store, receive and dispatch goods. Other subjects include warehouse equipment operations, maintenance, health and safety and customer service. Learn teamwork and resource management, too.

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Ready to progress in your retail career? This course will give you the skills to do it.

You can expect to have enough experience and confidence to engage customers on a more professional level. You could also start to take care of store operations and be responsible for meeting sales targets.

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Want to handle freight? Here, you'll gain the entry-level warehousing skills you need.

This course teaches you how to package and receive goods, pick and process orders, and manage stock. You will also learn about industry regulations and workplace safety.

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This course will teach skills to help you progress in business administration.

You will learn a range of useful skills, such as typing fast and accurately, scheduling, and handling payroll and accounts. You will also learn about workplace health and safety.

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Want to work in hospitality? Here's your chance to launch your career.

You'll develop hospitality skills in service, sales and operations. You'll learn to work independently with limited supervision. You may find work as a hotel receptionist or serving food and beverages.

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Want to prepare for a career in business administration? You'll learn fundamental skills.

Here, you’ll build practical skills to work in admin or customer service in a business. You’ll get familiar with basic business tasks, organising information and supporting a team.

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Here, you'll build on your current customer service know-how and learn to manage a team.

This course will get you up to speed on handling complex customer requests and complaints. You’ll also learn teamwork skills, and how to use performance indicators and interpret data.

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You'll learn to guide and lead teams in this course, as well as problem solving and analysis.

You'll improve as a communicator and workplace leader. You'll also learn about putting operational plans in place, and leadership. You can direct your learning by choosing eight elective units.

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If you’re comfortable with livestock and could work in meat processing, consider this course.

You’ll gain the skills to find a position in an abattoir. You’ll learn about the meat industry as well as safe procedures. With electives, you may choose to learn skills such as packing or processing.

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Do you want a rewarding career in community services? Start here.

You'll gain skills to work in various settings such as disability and aged care. You'll learn how to develop plans that cater to individual needs and gain knowledge of what best practice looks like.

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Could you work at an open-cut mine or quarry? Study how people mine on the surface.

You'll cover various practical skills, such as how to plan and prepare for drilling and how to do tests. You could choose from many electives on working with vehicles or conveyor belts.

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Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff in a travel consulting career.

You'll study to be a travel consultant in retail travel or wholesale sales, helping customers plan their dream trips. Topics will include booking systems, destinations and flight sales.

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You'll be a better administrator or project officer after taking this course.

You'll learn to organise meetings and resources, give presentations, and other skills. You'll also learn about customer needs, customer service strategies, website maintenance and financial reporting.

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Community pharmacists are health professionals who provide medicine to people who need it.

In this course, you’ll develop your service skills and expand your knowledge of pharmacy products. This will allow you to provide a wider range of health care support services to your customers.

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You'll be across all the important support skills after taking this course.

Learn how to organise business meetings and travel. You'll also find out how to administer projects and resources, and make presentations. You'll cover customer service and website maintenance, too.

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Are you interested in a career in financial services? Take a look at this course.

This course teaches skills such as business technology and complying with regulations. You'll be able to work in customer service roles in banking, credit management, insurance or financial services.

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Advance your knowledge of water industry operations and gain more skills.

You may choose to specialise in one area such as water networks, irrigation, sources or water treatment. You could find work or already work as a service manager or water treatment coordinator.

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Banner photo: Jason Dunford - Trainee - Certificate III in Driving Operations