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On 1 July 2018, the NSW Government announced 100,000 new apprenticeships would be fee-free. So you can hire more apprentices without having to pay for their training, while growing your business and adapting more readily to the changing economic environment.

Fee-free apprenticeships

Fee-free apprenticeships

To help your business grow faster, the NSW Government made apprenticeship training fee-free.

Our fee-free apprenticeship training brochure has more information.

Any NSW business that takes on a new apprentice won’t have to pay a cent for the cost of their qualification training. The NSW Government will pay the up-to-$2000 qualification fee direct to the Smart and Skilled training provider for 100,000 new apprentices.

This will save your business money and ensure you have the trained staff you need to thrive and grow.

When you’ve found the right apprentice, you can select from over 120 VET apprenticeship courses and over 88 Smart and Skilled providers, to deliver the right training for your needs.

Search apprenticeship courses available in your local area.

Benefits of VET

Access a supply of skilled workers and invest in the future of your business

Invest in the future of your business by hiring a VET graduate, apprentice or trainee today.

You’ll benefit from an employee that has the job-specific skills you need, is likely to stay with you longer and work harder, and can bring up-to-date technical skills into your workplace. By developing the transferable skills of  your employees, studies suggest you’ll see increased innovation, productivity and staff engagement, which in turn grows profits.

And as an employer of VET trainees or apprentices you’ll be rewarded by helping young people achieve their personal goals while working towards your business’s goals.

Download our Strengthen your business with vocational education and training brochure to learn more about:

  • integrating VET into your business to gain a competitive edge
  • why recruit an apprentice or trainee
  • how apprenticeships and traineeships work
  • all about school-based apprenticeships and traineeships; and
  • getting started

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VET integration

Incorporating VET into your business

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There are two ways you can get the skills you need for your business: you can employ new staff or you can develop the skills of your existing staff. VET courses can help you with either approach.

VET courses can be tailored to your individual business environment. Any new or existing staff who participate in the course will develop broader technical skills and an improved knowledge of your unique policies and procedures.

Benefits to your business