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  • 27 April 2018

11 great jobs through VET

University isn’t the only pathway to a great job. Whether you want to be your own boss, take home a hefty pay packet or follow your dreams, here are 11 top jobs you can get through VET .

Even the most skilled and experienced architect needs the help of an associate. Responsible for gaining clarity around a client’s objectives, an architectural associate also manages and trains entry-level architects, interprets plans and regulations, and prepares preliminary sketches and specifications. View details.

From creating special effects for film to 3D animation for video games, digital media designers use film, electronic, digital and other forms of visual and audio media to get their message across. They usually work in the film, television, online or advertising industries. View details.

The demand for health and fitness is on the rise, with almost 11,000 instructors in NSW now following their passion for the industry. Aside from directing, instructing and guiding individuals, fitness instructors also assist groups in the pursuit of good health and wellbeing. View details.

Investment brokers are the glue that sticks buyers and sellers of investments together. Facilitating the trading of commodities, they also arrange insurance and loans of money on behalf of clients, after assessing their financial status, discussing their options and developing their strategies. View details.

If you’re the friend everyone goes to for advice, it could be time to turn your positive outlook into a high-paying profession. Life coaches encourage individuals to push through personal limits by creating change in their career, relationships or day-to-day life. View details.

You don’t need to be medically trained to carve out a rewarding and well-paid career in the health and welfare services sector – there are plenty of opportunities in management and administration. A nursing clinical director is responsible for the overall management of a service or facility. View details.

A vital part of the surgery process, technicians support health professionals and the patients under their care. Day-to-day responsibilities include the use of anaesthetic, cardiac, operating theatre and medical testing equipment. Technicians also assist with laboratory tests, and fill prescriptions. View details.

In an era of digital platforms and social media, images are king. Photographers use their eye for light and composition, along with their technical abilities with a camera, to create compelling still-life and animated images about people, places, events or things. View details.

Australian wine is world-renowned and workers in the viticulture and hospitality industries are passionate as a rule. Working to distinct seasons, including a busy summer harvest, vineyard workers help to plant and maintain grapevines, and assist in the production and packaging of wine. View details.

Turn your love of the net into a viable long-term career. Web masters are essentially support technicians in the information and communication technology (ICT) field, and work to build and maintain computer infrastructure, manage content and upgrades on websites, and diagnose and resolve technical problems. View details.

Aerospace engineers work with things that fly—like planes, helicopters, rockets and satellites— and the engines and systems within them. If this idea appeals, a Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Avionics) is a great place to start. Available as a fee-free apprenticeship, this qualification gives you hands-on skills and is the first step in an exciting career in avionic and aeronautical engineering.