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  • 24 June 2019

How Hannah designed her dream career

Name: Hannah Bevis, 23
Occupation: Graphic designer and business owner, Sydney
VET qualification: Diploma of Graphic Design

You run two different design-based businesses: H Creative Studios, a graphic design and branding service, and Curious Studio, which runs hands-on creative workshops. What skills did VET give you that have helped you build these businesses? “One of the subjects I took during my VET diploma was ‘Career Prep’, and it taught me all about the design and creative industry. More than just teaching me how to get a job, I learned how to set myself up as a freelancer—everything from how to brand myself, to what GST is, to knowing how to price and structure my services, and send quotes and invoices. This helped me move forward with my business immensely.”

What did you most enjoy about studying design through VET? “I loved the freedom of the projects and assignments. We were always encouraged to think outside of the box and push the boundaries. For a creative student who's yet to set foot into the industry, I think this was really important as it showed me how to be brave and create fresh concepts. I also enjoyed working alongside and learning from my teachers, who I remember truly admiring during my training.”

What inspires your work? “Everything and anything. Generally, I'm working to ‘solve a problem’—this might mean redesigning a web page to drive visitors to another part of the site; or build a relationship between companies and their audience through social media; or target a particular audience by creating new branding for a business. The work I do as a graphic designer is so broad and involves a lot of research. Often it's about working out what will inspire the target audience.”

What advice would you give other young people interested in pursuing a creative career? “Just go for it. Being a creative is incredibly rewarding and it's so much more than working at a desk from 9am-5pm. And believe in yourself! It's never easy putting your ideas on the table for criticism/feedback, but you have to believe in your work before others can, too.”

VET-qualified designers are in demand

Graphic Design As the world becomes increasingly visual, professionals with design skills will continue to be in demand. In the coming years, around 27,000 new graphic design, web design and illustrator jobs are expected. The average weekly pay for a designer is $1,150, although earnings tend to grow along with experience.

Get your start

VET offers a range of qualifications that can help get open doors in the design industry, or equip you with the skills to start your own business or side hustle.