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There are some things you need to know about VET

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    Myth 1: VET graduates earn lower wages than university graduates.
    Reality: VET graduate wages are comparable, if not higher, than university graduate wages. The median full-time income for a VET graduate is $56,000. The median salary for a bachelor degree graduate is $54,000.

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    Myth 2: University graduates find work more easily than VET graduates.

    Reality: VET graduates achieve a higher employment rate than bachelor degree graduates. While 69% of bachelor degree graduates secure full-time employment (2017), 78% of VET graduates are employed after training, increasing to 82% of VET apprenticeship or traineeship graduates.

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    The workforce

    Myth 3: VET is no longer relevant in a globally competitive world.

    Reality: VET is readily adapting to changing workforce needs. The Commonwealth Department of Employment (2016) found that the VET sector currently provides training for 9 out of 10 occupations predicted to have the greatest growth of new jobs over the next few years.

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